Adopting a new customer

MGS adopts a new customer within one week

We received the tool on Friday, it was ready for operation by Wednesday. The client saw an instant improvement in quality.

MGS Technical Plastics has taken on a multi-tool transfer of a specialised manufacturer, with the production up and running in less than a week.

We received an inquiry from an electronic company which manufactures electronic sensors designed for the textile industry, with major markets in China and India.

The company was suffering quality and delivery time issues with its current supplier and was seeking an upgrade. The tools they were using had not been maintained and were producing poor quality work.

After providing technical expertise and demonstrating our capabilities, we won the contract, received the first tool on the Friday, and it was cleaned, fitted and ready for operation by the Wednesday.

Not only did we offer rapid turnaround, but the customer saw an instant improvement in quality. They have since transferred 19 further tools – and we’ve been awarded an additional project over fierce competition from abroad.

We now provide our new customer with a full production service and supply of products. We have become their preferred – and only – plastic injection moulding partner.

Mark Preston, MGS Sales Director, said: “We were able to step up and help when this company needed an upgrade to their requirements. The quality of their previous injection moulding had been declining due to lack of investment, new plant and tool maintenance at a time when they were trying to grow and attract new customers.”

The value of the work agreed so far totals more than six figures annually, and we are in discussions to take on significant additional work.

To find out more about how our hassle-free tool transfers can bring you improved production quality without delay, contact the MGS Technical Plastics team today.

MGS supplies global supply chain of tier one automotive manufacturer

We won the contract because of our high levels of customer service: our team flew out to China to help procure new tools.

MGS Technical Plastics has earned a significant place in the supply chain of a luxury car manufacturer after securing a new contract with a key customer.

The project has been agreed with one of our long-standing customers: a large multinational, tier one automotive manufacturer. We are set to supply high quality exterior trims for a new high-end model of car due to enter the market in 2020.

In addition to our technical expertise and cost-effective solutions, we were nominated for the contract because of the high levels of customer service the client has come to expect from us. This has already seen our team fly out to China as part of the project management and manufacture of new tooling.

At present, there are 15 tools in production in Asia, with a total initial cost of more than £1m. From these tools, we will supply parts, including painted and pre-assembled items.

Mark Preston, MGS Sales Director, said: “We have built a long-standing relationship with this client. As they have grown internationally over the years, we have been able to meet their changing needs and have now secured a lion’s share of their injection moulding work.

“We work well together because we have taken the time to understand their way of doing things and have helped them to finalise the requirements for their projects. Ultimately, the work we do helps our customers to help their customers.”

If you are looking for a production partner willing to fly to the furthest corners of the earth to ensure the highest quality work for your project, contact the MGS team today.