Design Input

From the outset, MGS can receive your ideas via drawing be it 2D or CAD model. Should it be required, we then complete a thorough design review, investigating functionality, performance, reliability and suitability for the environment. Using mould flow analysis, our technical staff can respond with design feedback that ensures critical elements are considered, as well as ideas on creating a product with potential cost savings.

Rapid Prototypes

Functionality is critical. MGS are proud to supply a world class rapid prototype service via our close partner. This can create model components in a fraction of the time it would have taken in the past, allowing for initial trials to take place as part of a customer’s overall maturation requirements. A whole variety of materials and forms are possible and can heavily reduce costs when considering feasibility prior to commencement of tool manufacture.

Project Management

From the beginning of a contract, you will be assigned a project engineer who will manage your product from inception to full production. They will be your point of contact throughout the life of the project, discussing and helping control any modifications. Design input, prototypes and tool management are under the care and guidance of the project engineer, who will produce timing plans and monitor key milestones.


MGS provide a seamless provision for tooling. Our highly reliable partners in the UK and abroad ensure we can maximise the value of the tools we source. Our track record is proof that MGS have a competitive and technical solution that reflects our customer’s needs. Tooling can be proven either at source or at MGS, with the support of a well-equipped, dedicated tool room. The majority of tools are made from hardened steel, equipped for high volume cycling. On-site maintenance ensures the healthy well being and quick repairing of tooling.


We have 20 plastic injection moulding machines, ranging from 35 to 900 tonnes, producing parts between 1g and 3700g. We can mould in bulk commodity, engineering and PVDF polymers and high temperature polymer alloys designed for the most exacting engineering applications. Fast cycling machines allow for high volume production, as well as quick change tool changes. This all adds up to a highly competitive edge, helping our customers remain attractive in their market.

Assembly & Surface Decoration

MGS realises that to be competitive, we need to add as much value to our customers’ products as possible. Assembly of components, whether they be hand fitted or using automation, can be completed at the machine or in our dedicated assembly area. Additionally, many products especially for automotive are highly aesthetic, and with our strategic partner, we can offer industrial coatings and paint coverage to exacting standards. Body colour, technical finishes, vac metallization are all catered for, as well as single layer gloss black. MGS can also arrange bespoke packaging and direct delivery.