The National Festival of Making

MGS Technical Plastics was proud to take part in the National Festival of Making on the 6th and 7th of My 2017 as it gave us a platform to engage with our community. We were fortunate to be selected as one of 9 manufacturers that took place in the Art in Manufacturing. We chose Robyn Woolston as our artist and asked her to create something that addressed the skills gap, discussed the 4th Industrial Revolution and to create something that our team can be proud of. She did not disappoint.

Robyn used our waste product to create a piece of artwork that attracted attention from publications all over the country. Her floor installation allowed members of the public to ask questions about plastic waste and how we re-use the product where applicable. It gave us a public profile like never before.

Robyn also created a film that brought the people of MGS to life on screen whilst discussing the industrial revolutions that have taken place in the UK. It is a powerful film that we hope you will take the time to watch.

We would like to thank Robyn for her dedication to the project. For coming to work with the team for a week and really getting to know how MGS works, for her late nights and early mornings working on the floor instillation and for coming to Blackburn to show off and educate our community on Plastic Injection Moulding.