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Our products are not just for re-heating but are also an option for cooking healthy meals. Superb poached eggs, perfect rice, healthy vegetables and browned meats are all possible with Microware. Microwave cooking has never been so simple.

This range of microwavable cookware is fully produced in the UK by manufacturers which means they cut the middle man out and get it right, first time. Using specialist high quality and dishwasher safe materials, the Microware range delivers products that are built to last.

Reasons to choose MGS Microware

Microwave cookware that is clear, stain free, easy clean and dishwasher safe.

The Microware range is unbeatable in quality as the products are unbreakable and stain free against microwave conditions. The specialist, long lasting microwave cookware is formulated to withstand high temperature – ideal for microwave use.

Our versatile range of microwave cookware is ideal for cooking a wide selection of foods, from casseroles, pizzas and steamed fish to poached egg and crispy bacon.

What’s more, the Microware range offers significantly reduced cooking times and saves up to 66% energy when compared to conventional cooking methods. Microware products are environmentally friendly and a fast solution in today’s busy households.

Buying the Microware range

We understand that every business is different. That’s why we’ll adapt the MGS Microware range to suit you. You’re welcome to buy selected items or the whole range of products.

From orders of 20 right through to orders of 100,000, we promise that you’ll receive your delivery on time, every time.

Whether you’re a wholesale/trade business, a retailer or an independent business looking to add to their range, please get in touch.


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