The quality of your products relies upon robust tools – Let MGS Technical Plastics help.

Tool sourcing – the best price and quality.

Here at MGS we’re proud to have helped over 40 moulding projects become a reality during the last 12 months. We have fantastic relationships with both local and international toolmakers that work 24/7 to make sure our customer’s tools get the very best service, all the time. Even more, with having such reliable partnerships we’re able to exceed time-scales and get our customers’ project through to completion much faster than most of our competitors.

In-house tooling – providing solutions, faster.

Our in-house tool room is combined with over four decades of experience that allow MGS to work efficiently and cost effectively on your project. We reduce manufacturing issues from the very beginning by carrying out a detailed design review that identifies the best practice for every individual project. This means that we identify potential issues with materials, packing, the gate, mould flow processes, warping concerns etc. to make sure we get it right, the first time.

Our tooling process guarantees robustness in three sections:

  • Design
  • Tool Steel Selection
  • Manufacture and Maintenance

We minimise the burden of outsourcing by managing unplanned tool repairs and maintenance.

Selection of the appropriate in-house or fully-managed outsourced tooling allows us to handle the detail needed to get your product to you on time, in full, and at the required quality.

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