Plastic Injection Moulding

Plastic injection moulding with the scale and capacity to keep pace with your ambitions.

24 hours a day, our shop-floor is busy producing the Plastic Injection Moulded products for our customers. With a dedicated quality department and additional firewall services available, MGS Technical Plastics delivers products that you’re proud to attach your brand too.

18 plastic injection moulding machines, ranging from 22t to 800t, produce parts as small as 1 gramme or as large as 3700 grammes. This could be bulk commodity polypropylene products. It could be high temperature polymer alloys and PVDF polymers designed for the most exacting engineering applications. The projects could be anything and everything in between.

With state of the art dryers strategically placed on mezzanine flooring above the machines, a 10tonne crane operating the length of the shop floor, a dedicated recycling room and an in house tool room that resolves issues quickly, the building has been purposely engineered to maintain efficient operational standards at all times.

Our ongoing investment in plant and equipment means we can deliver an ever-expanding range. So whether your project requires scale, speed, cost-efficiency or the ability to innovate new products and new ways of working, we can help

The capacity to add surface finishes to your products, from high gloss textures and chrome plating to lacquered, painted and technical finishes, enables you to keep the entire plastic production process in one place.

We’re more than a plastic injection moulding company. Our aim is to provide customers with a value added service that helps them to get their product into their client’s hands, faster. Some of these services include;

  • Insert and over moulding.
  • Quality control Firewall.
  • Painting, chroming and printing services.
  • Product assembly and bespoke packaging services.
  • Worldwide delivery.

Talk to MGS Technical Plastics about plastic injection moulded components and products for your project.

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